Friday, May 12, 2006

Old Friends

Not so old, really. We worked with Tim and Penny until Penny was forced by management to retire due to the fact she lost the feeling in her legs and had to start using two canes to walk. The owner of the campground where we were employed felt she wasn't able to handle her duties properly and insisted she resign. So out of four couples, three sets of us resigned in protest. Long story. But we became good friends in the six short weeks we worked together and talk on the phone weekly or every other week. Good enough friends to drive nine hundred miles out of our way to surprise them for a visit, planned for a year. So that's where we've been the last two days as we have some catching up to do.

Tim decided to start his own pool cleaning business two weeks ago after Tim's boss told him that Tim's wages would now be paid in cash- no taxes taken out, etc. His boss also stopped carrying workman's comp, so something weird was going on and Tim knew it was time to get out. This is a scary time for Tim and Penny so we're providing a bit of distraction. We know Tim will do well as he's a hard worker and as honest as the day is long. But if any of you live in the Ft. Pierce/Port St. Lucie area of Florida, do I know a super pool man for you!

Tomorrow morning we have to start scraping love bugs off the front of the fifth wheel. To wash them off the front of the truck we had to scrub them with a Dobie pad, Mean Green and a high powered spray from the car wash. The little suckers get baked on in the sun and heat. Yuck.

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