Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here we are again.

I really hadn't planned to be back in Ohio until August, but here we are. No visiting former co-workers, cousins, grandkids, kids, no exploring New Jersey and West Virginia for the first time, no summer of exploration and fun. Sigh.

Our youngest son came up with a recommendation for an orthopedic surgeon and I have my first appointment this Thursday. Darby now says (after I already made the appointment) that this particular doctor is standoffish and distant, which does not bode well as I have no respect for authority and refuse to be properly impressed by degrees. Note to self; keep your one moving foot out of your mouth.

So we'll settle in for a while and see what happens after I see the surgeon. After all, we still have the painting to do here and at Denny's father's house. I think I'll see if I can find my dad's old mechanic's creeper for my leg-at least I could do the baseboards that way!

And after Denny drags half our belongings from the rig I'll see about putting some pictures online here. But in the meantime, my mom just popped some good Arcanum grown popcorn and there's an old Bing Crosby movie on the TV so it's time to shut this down.

To our fellow travelers; Happy Trails.

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