Sunday, May 21, 2006

This was NOT a Lazy Sunday

If you were expecting pictures today you're going to be disappointed. Denny just got the satellite dish up at 7 PM; we've had a long day.

Our intent was simple, travel up I-95 from Woodbine, GA to Summerton, SC. We stopped outside of Brunswick, GA to fill up one of the fuel tanks because diesel is cheaper in Georgia than in Florida. As I was leaving the Flying J convenience store I stepped off the curb onto the pavement and slipped on something, causing me to land hard on my left knee. As I sat there gathering my wits I realized my left knee looked funny; it was flat instead of rounded as I sat there with both legs drawn up to my chest as I prepared to get up. Uh-oh! I don't think I want to try to straighten that leg! A very nice lady (who was from Wooster, Ohio) ran inside to call 9-1-1 and came back to sit with me while Denny moved our rig away from the pumps. I don't think I've ever seen Denny move as fast as he did running to my side.

So the ambulance came, time was spent in ER with the final result being I managed to break my knee cap in half (one half went north and the other south) and rupture my tendon. The ER doctor said I should get my rear end to an orthopedic surgeon within the next 3 days or so, so four months of plans and reservations have just gone out the window. We will be returning to Ohio starting tomorrow after our mail arrives here at the campground and taking two days to head north. Since I have to use crutches and cannot bend my leg nor put any weight on that leg (my brace goes from ankle to thigh) until this gets fixed, it makes life in the rig difficult. We have three steps to get into the rig, two steps to get up to the bathroom and one more step to get into the bedroom. So we'll go bunk with my mother, have my surgery (the ER doctor said they would either wire my knee cap together or remove it altogher-eeewww!) to repair the tendon and nerves so we can get back to our lifestyle. After all, it's hard to blog about life on the road when you're stuck in a real house sitting still-ewwwwww.

Happy Trails, all. I'll probably be offline the next couple of days. Check back Wednesday or so. Maybe tomorrow before we get out of here I'll do a belated Lazy Sunday set of pix. Maybe.

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