Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh, This is Better!

Ah, it's nice here on the coast! After six days of visiting our friends Tim and Penny in Okeechobee it was time to move on. Our choice for our next stop was St. Augustine and oh what a difference! Due to the wild fires in central and eastern Florida we chose to follow I-95 instead of driving back roads, figuring that fire fighters would work to keep the interstate open. We only had to detour off the highway once due to the fires and a hard downpour of rain probably helped out those hard-working firefighters.

Our current campground, located on A1A, is right across the street from the beach so I'm looking forward to walking over to catch the sunrise tomorrow morning. The lady at the office here says there's a sightseeing tour sailing ship that comes down the Intercoastal Waterway to the rear of the campground near sunset that makes for a good photo opportunity so we'll walk down there this evening to see if we can time it right to see the ship.

It's cooler here and less humid and there were no swarms of love bugs during our travels so we only have to clean off the grime left by the smoke and road dirt splashed up during the thunderstorms as we traveled. Life is good.

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