Friday, July 07, 2006

Do you need your ego stroked?

If so, try this site called Google Blogoscoped I saw on Ol' Hoss' blog.  My blog comes up as:

Review of RV Vagabonds

just saw <>. Yes, I expected the
creator to do this well. It makes sense to me
<> put up a link to this page. It must have
taken many years to finalize the page. The HTML is very structured.

Seeing RV Vagabonds,
I'm simply stunned, completely stunned. The page contains 123 links, a
well-calculated amount. The color scheme is neoclassicist. Wow! What a
fantastic page! There are 48,910 characters in the document, which is
an awesome length for the Firefox browser. If only IBM would have a
swell page like that. A masterpiece. The URL has 35 characters. Not too
long, or too small. The page has style written all over it."
-- Bill Johnson, How to Design for the Web


Whew, I feel better about myself already!

Happy Trails!


FTS said...

Now there's a critic who knows of what they speak :)

Linda and Denny said...

Shucks, tweren't nothing (as she shuffles her feet with her head ducked down). Thank you, FTS!

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