Sunday, July 23, 2006

Traveling in memory on a Lazy Sunday

It's been a strange week of emotional ups and downs; I've made progress with my knee but we've attended two funerals in this past week as well as the retirement of a co-worker brought on by illness. Life is full of haphazard random moments of happiness and grief which this week has reinforced for us.

Therefore, this week's Lazy Sunday photos are of Denny and I enjoying the scenery in our travels. This is why we live the lifestyle we have chosen. The fact that life proves too short for many people only reinforces the decision we made to enjoy life to the fullest while we have our health and the financial resources to do so.

So in no particular order, take a look at our smiling faces as we travel across this beautiful country of ours.


FTS said...

I could so do what you're doing someday. I just moved to Colorado and I am constantly going to see things I've never seen.

Simply Coll said...

Wow.. wonderful pictures. I am truly envious of your life style. :-)

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