Monday, July 31, 2006

One Down, One to Go!

This afternoon the last wall was painted at my mother's house.  Denny worked hard to get it done early this week so we could begin to move some of our belongings back into the rig.  Tomorrow we'll make the trek to Cinci to (hopefully) finish off the painting there.  There will be a few last minute jobs around here transplanting some flowers, maybe cut the grass, but the end is finally in sight.

Bwaahaahaa Billy released me today after my P.T. appointment.  Of course, I'll be continuing to work at home on all my stretching and strengthening exercises for many more months but Billy says he's confident I can do the rest of it on my own.  He even said I should be able to go to a driving range and start to work on hitting some balls to see how my leg feels.  Alright!  No golf yet, but it's a start. 

I've gone online and checked out the Port Clinton area for geocaches-yep, they have some!  So if the temperatures here in the swamp-air state start to go down to a reasonable level we may hit a geocache or two as I have a travel bug to place that I've had in my possession for far too long. 

We finally got the truck back today; new brakes front and back, new rotors, new ball joint, alignments, etc.  Expensive, but we can leave knowing the brakes are good and the truck has been checked out pretty thoroughly.  Not only is that safer for us, but it's safer for those on the road around us. 

It's looking good for the RV Vagabonds to hit the trail!

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