Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Hitch in our Giddy-up

The brakes on our Ford F450 have been squealing for a period of time, so we finally took it in for a look-see. Major bummer. We need new rotors on the front brakes, a new ball joint, some sort of seal on the rear end and humphel dingers in our what-sits. To the tune of $1600+-- so far. See, they had to quit for the weekend and they couldn't finish because they have never worked on such a large truck before and they don't have the proper tools to complete the job, yada yada. Hmm, inexperienced mechanics working on the vehicle that tows everything that you own in life. Ouch. All this added of course, to the doctor bills coming in from my klutzy move in the parking lot with its resultant surgery. Dang, and here we were worrying about fuel prices going up-heh.

Oh well, what that all means is that we'll have a safer truck once we finally hit the road in a week or so (crossing fingers as I think about those inexperience mechanics). Of course the whole leaving thing will be a happy/sad experience; my mom will cry as always, although I'm sure she'll be glad to have her house to herself again, and we didn't get to see much of Darb, our youngest, between my being laid up and his wife having her nasty kidney stone which she's still dealing with. Visiting family was so much easier when they were all still in the Dayton/Cincinnati area but it's hard to complain about them moving since we did it first!

Denny and I will be hauling the roll top desk to Darb and Net's house in Delaware this morning and once we arrive Net and I will be the cheering section as Denny and Darb haul that monster up to the second floor loft. Because Net and I are invalids, don'cha know? And helpless, weak females. It will be our job to keep the Schaaf family of cats and dog out of the way of the moving guys. Hee-hee. I'll take pictures, okay? Said pictures might even make it into a Lazy Sunday post--ya never know.

I have to cut this post short so I get get some physical therapy in before we leave because it might be the only workout I am able to get in today. Unless Darb cons me into walking the dog for them. Maybe I better not give him any ideas. Heh.

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