Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sharing on a Lazy Sunday

At our get-together at Marion's Pizza on Friday, friend Vicki whipped out a packet of pictures of the family and their Harleys and their new fifth wheel. She then chastized me for not bringing pictures of our kids. Sigh. When I'm out and about I carry a money clip and my ID 95% of the time and when I do carry a purse, no, it doesn't have pictures. My pictures are in my computer at the rig and on the disks the the stupid HP laptop computer won't recognize.

So to appease Vicki, in case she has access to a computer while she and Don are here in town visiting friends and family for the holiday weekend, here are some of the pictures of our family that the SHP laptop deigns to read. Meaning some are a couple of years old, but the cute baby pictures won't show up and we're still searching for the missing 2006 disk that has disappeared. I want my life back.

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