Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time is Getting Short

I'm making mental lists.

August 7th is approaching and we've just taken our first small load of belongings back to the rig which sits in storage awaiting our next road trip.  When we open the door to the rig it smells like home and my tear ducts start to squirt a little.  Denny opened the slides to make it easier to move about inside and this time we left them extended instead of closing them up when we finish.  It feels good to be inside and my mental lists start building in my brain; okay, call Hughes to start our satellite Internet service, call the campgrounds to see if they will accept our mail or if it has to be sent to General Delivery, make a list of grocery items to replace those we brought to my mother's house and have since used up and remember those items in her frig that she'd never use; jalepenos, picante sauce, raspberry chipotle sauce, etc.  Can you tell we've become inured to southwestern cooking and spices?  Go through the clothes we've brought over and see if there are any we want to donate to charity, like those oversized stretch shorts Denny bought me to wear over that huge brace after the surgery--I don't ever want to wear those again! Go through the upstairs bedroom at Mom's to see if I left anything up there after I was finally able to join Denny in the downstairs bedroom once the brace came off.  The brain is starting to go into overdrive and we still have two weeks to go. 

There are one and a half walls to paint at my mother's house yet; the roll top desk is in the way and won't be moved until this Saturday when we can haul it up to Darb and Net's place.  Denny thinks we can finish painting at his dad's in one more trip so we'll do that Monday after my P.T. appointment.  Then we won't have to go back until the following weekend for the annual Braun family reunion.  Both set of homes are looking much better for our efforts, but ya know what?  You don't have to paint a RV!  Ever!  Just wash, wax and go.

I guess I better start making those phone calls now; August is just around the corner, right?

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