Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm Up, She's Down

Monday Bwaaahaaahaaa Billy unlocked the knee joint portion of my brace so I can now walk with less of a Chester walk (for those of you too young to remember Gunsmoke, Chester was a character with a decided limp) and more of a pause-gimp walk. Yeah, that's it.

The tendon attachment won't be healed for another two weeks so we're just working on stretching it, but five weeks of immobility has made that puppy tight as a drum so it's going to take a lot of work. Of course, Denny sits there and barks,"pull that leg up more!" This from the man who tells the story of waiting to do his PT until late at night (after ligament surgery back in the dark ages) and then immediately getting his nightly shot of morphine from the nurse to be able to sleep. Pull that leg up, indeed!

Unfortunately, yesterday my daughter-in-law, the Token Wife (do you check Darb's blog?) was hospitalized in severe pain where the doctors discovered a 10mm kidney stone. That's huge! She spent the night there, had a stent (not sure if that's the proper term for the thingy) put in to stretch things but the stone is still there until the doctors can figure out its chemical makeup at which point they can decide whether to use medication to dissolve it or to zap it with a laser or ultra-sound. She's home now, loaded up with anti-this and anti-that drugs to make her as comfortable as possible. But the next few days won't be fun for her.

Wow! That's probably a lot more information than you wanted to know! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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