Thursday, February 14, 2008

Campground 4 5--Campers 0

I mentioned Tuesday that the Tin Can on Wheels had a slight accident while negotiating the roads within this campground. What we have seen in the past three days is:

1. One ripped awning on a fifth wheel caused by a tree catching it while the owner was backing into his site.

2. One damaged left front headlight area on a large motorhome, being repaired with duct tape (the RVers friend). Obviously caused while trying to maneuver into the site.

3. One damaged right rear taillight frame, being repaired with duct tape (see above) after our next door neighbor backed into his site (I assume it's the tree right next to us that caused the damage because the owner was putting the tape on as we arrived home yesterday and the site had been empty when we left earlier).

So with our damage, that makes four rigs within a 200 feet section of campground that were damaged while trying to drive through/pull into a campsite.

Edited: After talking with a neighbor who was outside when yet another new arrival came in yesterday while we were gone, I discovered that there was a fifth RV that was damaged. A very nice fifth wheel scraped the front cap while the owner was attempting to center the unit in the site. I guess he was able to buff out most of it, but damage is damage.

My recommendation? DO NOT PLAN TO VISIT THIS CAMPGROUND--it would be hazardous to your mental health and injurious to your rig and wallet. My neighbor also told me that the section where all these 36 to 45 foot RVs are being located was once the TENT site area! No wonder we're scraping and bashing trees here! Arrrggghhh.


Coll said...

Maybe you guys should all ban together and make the owners of this campground aware of the situation. Five damaged RVs is way to many.

eric said...

So where are you guys? (this is Eric from On The Road With The Dacrons) Last place you guys mentioned was St. Pete. We took a quick drive through there then headed up the Cedar Key, FL.

I agree with you guys that I don't like the semi-permanent "RV" places. The locals seems to stick together.

So where IS this campground I should avoid? I know it's inland...but where?

eric said...

[1 minute later]

OK, figured out how to click the "where are we now" link. :-P

Hey guess what..I just left Ft. Summit KOA. (Just down the street from you guys at Route 27 and 4)

Velma suggested we should check out some of the lakes around there.

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