Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Truck Troubles

Kong (the all powerful Ford F450 that hauls our house hither and yon) coughed and sputtered when we were hitching up the trailer to leave the campground yesterday. At first we just thought it was because it was so foggy and humid, but he tried to stall and would pull the trailer out of our camp site. Hmm, not good. We limped to the highway, pulled out and started going a speedy 20 mph per hour on a 65 mph highway. Yikes! The engine coughed and sputtered and spewed black exhaust and just would-not-go. In desperation, Denny flipped the switch to change to our almost empty big fuel tank and after a few minutes the engine started to run smoothly and pick up speed. Of course, we had 30 miles to go to the nearest gas station and we're running on a tank reading empty, so Denny had to switch back to our smaller fuel tank and we held our breath to see what would happen. Which was that the truck continued to run just fine. A piece of debris in the fuel line? Bad diesel fuel in the small tank--no we filled both tanks at the same time. Who knows.

When we arrived at our destination yesterday and after getting unhitched and all set up we headed towards town to pick up our mail at the post office and we noticed a Wal*mart that had diesel fuel pumps at their station, so we filled up the big tank and topped off the smaller tank, hoping if the diesel fuel in the small tank had a problem that mixing fresh fuel would help. The truck continued to run just fine.

Today? Not so good. Again this morning the truck shuddered and paused and belched and crept out of the campground. Again, Denny switched tanks and the truck ran better after a few minutes. Again, he switched back to the smaller tank, now determined to run the tank until it is empty. And the truck ran fine, even after several shopping stops and restarts. But we'll see what happens tomorrow. *crossing fingers*


Silliyak said...

Without knowing me what I'm talking about, sounds like water in the tank...and I assume you have a water filter in the fuel line that would need to be cleaned/replaced. Overnight the moisture condenses, then once things are warmed up, it vaporizes again.

Coll said...

Sounds like Kong just has a hard time getting going in the mornings.. I can so relate.

On second thought.. silliyak may be right about the water. :-)

Soulknitting said...

:'(. I hate car/truck troubles. LOVED the Mickey Mouse Power Lines tower. Too cool. ;-).

I've been at the UNFO Congress in Laughlin NV this week. My third year. I drive down and back a few times. Boy, there sure are some interesting things and people in this universe.

YES!! Beautiful desert weather at last!! 72* today!!!

Hope your truck gets better (gg).

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