Friday, February 01, 2008

Summertree Golf Course

Denny and I asked Ken and Bonnie to join us for a round of golf yesterday and Bonnie said that the Summertree Golf Club looked like a nice place to play. So that's where we went. Course fees are $12 for nine holes, which includes a riding cart. If you decide to play an additional nine holes, the price is $6 (half-price for the round).

The golf course is set in a housing development, but the designers left a lot of trees on the course and there is a lot of water in the form of ponds and creeks, so you really don't notice the homes on most of the holes. The greens have some slope and tiers to make them interesting. Right now, the Bermuda grass is dormant and naturally at this time of year the course is receiving a lot of play. But the golfers fix their divots on the greens and most of the fairways, so the course is in decent shape, considering. It's a fun little course and if we were in this area again, we'd come back to play it.

It's hard to tell that you are surrounded by houses here.

This little blue heron was wandering around the tee at hole number seven, presumably looking for slizards or bugs near the homes that were on either side of the tee. This was the only hole where you teed off near houses.

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No_Newz said...

Looks and sounds like you are having another terrific trip. :)

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