Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Links in Hudson, FL

It is pretty difficult to get a decent tee time in Florida in February, thanks to all of us snowbirds down here enjoying the nice weather. Ken, Denny, Bonnie and I tried to play 18 holes at the Links Golf Club in Hudson, FL on Wednesday, but having a 2:42PM tee time meant we were only able to get in 12 holes before the course closed at 6PM. Therefore I can't say what the entire course was like, but the holes we played were enjoyable.

For the men, the distance of the course from the white tees is 5294 yards; from the blue tees, 5835. For the women's tees the distance is 4241. There are sand traps, creeks, ponds and marshy areas to avoid as well as the occasional tricky tiered green. Play is extremely slow in February and there are players wearing spiked golf shoes who drag their feet on the greens. We also played behind folks who didn't repair their divot marks on the greens, which is annoying. But the course is fun if you don't mind playing between houses sometimes.

The Links is located at 8706 Pavilion Drive, Hudson, FL Phone 727-868-1091 Cost for 18 holes with a cart after 2:30PM in February is $14.00.

A flock of herons flew up from the reeds here just as we were teeing off. Some of the golf tee boxes are located in areas of homes, others are in more open areas like this one.


No_Newz said...

Look at you two crazy kids just enjoying the life! I am so happy you are able to spend time together doing fun stuff!! Have a great weekend!

Coll said...

I am not much of a golfer.. but $14 sounds very reasonable for 18 holes, especially with a cart.

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