Friday, February 08, 2008

A Commercial Break

Below you'll see the front and back of a lovely fleece jacket created by Bonnie. She adds the lace panel, sews on the appliquéd embroidered pieces and then embroiders a matching design on the front of the jacket. Very pretty and very well done. The jackets cost $39 plus $4.50 shipping and handling. If you'd like one, contact me. I'm not going to put Bonnie's personal information online.

The lace panel insert is of a lighthouse with two sailboat appliqués. The green you see is my shirt, not the background color behind the lace.

The front has a sailboat embroidered in dark blue. The jacket is lightweight with a very soft fleece lining--like a light sweatshirt, which is perfect for cool Florida winter evenings.


Fernando said...

Thank you from Spain for such a good way of teaching how to enjoy life!!!

Beste regards!!!!


Coll said...

Lovely embroidery!!

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