Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Old and New

Denny's ex-sister-in-law and her fiance came up from St. Petersburg to visit us today. We hadn't met Tim yet and were anxious to do so because when Marilyn wrote about him she sounded almost giddy, and that's exactly how you want someone to feel when they are in love, right?

We had a very nice visit and lunch at Sam's on the Beach at Hudson Beach. Sam's is located next to the water (one can't really call that small strip of rocky soil a beach) with both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu leans towards appetizers, sandwiches and buckets of beer. The seagulls aren't too annoying and there are some skimpy bathing suits around for the men to ogle (that's for you and Denny, Tim--but remember, no drooling!)

I've always appreciated the fact that I didn't lose all my ex in-laws after my divorce and Denny remained close to Marilyn after his divorce. And seeing "family" happy and in a new setting is wonderful. It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood today.

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