Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday in Moore Haven

It's been a relatively quiet week for us here in the Moore Haven area. We came down to spend a little time with friends and former co-workers Tim and Penny only to discover that Penny was scheduled for neck surgery this week. So we got in a quick visit before her surgery and we're meeting up with them again today to see how she's doing. The surgeon replaced a messed up vertebra in her neck with a titanium one and she's feeling pretty good already.

Other than that, we located a couple geocaches and we'll be hitting the Indian casino today, but there's not a lot around the immediate area otherwise. But as always, I have a couple of pictures of what we saw this week.

Leaving the Apopka area we passed all things Disney on I-4, where even the power line stanchions look like Mickey Mouse.

It looks like someone's RV is on fire here, doesn't it? Actually, that' a field of sugar cane burning. The area around Lake Okeechobee has rich soil and the proper climate for successful sugar cane growing. In 2004-2005 Florida produced 1.56 million tons of raw sugar. The growers burn the fields to get rid of the leaves and excess growth on the plants so they are only hauling the stalks to the mills, saving money. Plus it gets rid of insect and animal pests.

At the 3 mile canal geocache we found a little more than we expected. I'm not sure if this carcass was a feral pig or a huge dog (there were very long, stiff black tufts of hair attached to the neck vertebrae area), but whatever it was, it was big.

Okay, Nancy, I need your help again on this lovely plant. Isn't the blossom gorgeous? The bush it was growing on is about 15 feet tall and six feet across.

The lunar eclipse this week--did you see it? I shared it with about a zillion mosquitoes. Sigh.

Usually I prefer the pink clouds at sunset, but this golden sunset appealed to me.

I'm still fighting with the focus on this camera and I haven't figured it out yet. I was going for the tall trees and the sunset and got the palm tree across the street instead.

For this same shot, I turned the camera away from the palm tree, focused on the trees across the pond, then swung the camera back to the area of the palm tree where the sun was setting. Got it.


Coll said...

Wow.. that is quite something that they can now replace vertebra.. amazing. I hope your friend is doing well.

Love your photo of the lunar eclipse. It was a clear but very cold night here. We were able to catch a little of it from one of the hospital windows. Very impressive stuff.

Nancy said...

I'm not sure what the flower is, from the leaves behind it, and it's general shape, it is probably a hibiscus of some sort.

KathyLikesPink said...

It looks like a hibiscus to me too.

Your shot of the golden sky and clouds looks like a painting! I expect any moment to hear God's deep voice telling me something I need to hear.

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