Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Love a Parade--kinda

Knowing that we were in for a warm, humid day today, Denny and I took our walk around the campground early. As we were walking at the rear of the campground we saw this large 4 wheeled contraption heading towards the entrance and wondered what it could be for. Then as we saw people starting to drag lawn chairs to the main interior roadway of the campground we remembered the calendar entry for "Robin's Nest Fest" today. Apparently, there was going to be a parade.

Now, unlike the last two campgrounds we've stayed at, there are no golf carts in huge numbers here, so we weren't quite sure just what was going to be paraded around. Denny opted to cool off under our awning at our site, while I took the camera with me to the swimming pool where I planned to do my water aerobics while everyone else was preoccupied with the parade. But I did have to snap a couple of shots just for the records.

Understand, this campground sits 20 miles from the nearest chain grocery store or Wal*mart, there is no real restaurant in the town of Moore Haven which is six miles away, although there is a Burger King and Subway (even McDonald's hasn't graced the town with its presence) and the only general shopping is done at the Family Dollar store. Therefore, we entertain ourselves here and so the roadway was lined with happy campers awaiting the parade at 9AM. Sad, huh? Heh. Activities followed, including a holey board (originally listed as holey broad, much to our amusement) tournament, skeet shooting, lawn bowling and as Denny and I returned from a quick trip to town, there was a long line snaking around the clubhouse while people waited for something that was being grilled on a huge barbecue cooker.

I guess these folks were the grand marshalls or something. The parade was even led by a sheriff's car with flashing lights and the occasional blast of the siren. Big times here, folks.

The square dancing group. Strangely enough, our next door neighbors who square dance here were from Dayton, Ohio originally. Small world.

The motorcycle brigade. If three vehicles can be a brigade. And some biker purists would probably say that the two tricycles aren't bikes.

Red Hat Society ladies.

More Red Hat Society ladies. I guess really every female in the campground could be a member based on age--even me, finally.

The campground employees had their part in the parade--this is the gardener. The mail room lady had her electric scooter decorated, plus there was the bingo callers' golf cart, the manager's golf cart, and so on. I guess you had to be there.

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Coll said...

I love it when people make their own fun. My hubby would love one of those tricycles.

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