Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday in Apopka

Denny and I have spent a very quiet week here in Apopka. There's not much to do here; I guess it's hard to compete with all the Disney attractions that are about 25-30 miles away. Unfortunately, Denny gets seasick on rides of any type, so we passed on the whole Disney thing this week. And beside--it's all Daytona here on TV so it's been hard to get Denny out of the trailer.

I did manage to drag him out for a walk or two this week, and this is what we saw.

I have no clue as to what type of flowering bush this might be, but the flowers are lovely and remind me of orchids.

A close up of a blossom on the unknown flowering bush.

Florida has cactus, too. Who knew? I would have thought the climate was too humid for cactus--shows what I know.

There are a lot of not so nice trailers homes in this park, but the landscaping at this trailer caught our eye.

I have no idea if this bunion-like growth was caused by an injury to this live oak, or by a virus or insect of some sort.

Another unrecognized plant. Its flowers looked like sprays of fireworks in miniature.

The loop around the campground is 1.27 miles according to our handheld GPS receiver and apparently that was a little too much for Denny. Actually, this shot was taken at the campground in Port Richey where our walks were much shorter but wore him out just as badly. Heh. It's a tough lifestyle.


Nancy said...

The tree with the orchid looking flowers is called (appropriately) an Orchid Tree.

a blogger (in Florida) who has an orchid tree:

hers is a darker color, but they come in different varieties.

Coll said...

When I am knee deep in snow it is hard to imagine going for a walk and seeing such beautiful flowers and greenery. I guess that is why I have you. :-)

Oh what I would give to doze in the sun. Tell Denny I am jealous. :-)

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