Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Litte of St. Pete on Lazy Sunday

It's been a good week for us. We visited with friends and family, drove down along Gulf Boulevard on our way to St. Pete Beach catching snippets of beach and seeing many attractive homes along the way. The permanent crown has been installed in my mouth, so we're finally good to go. It's time--we feel like we're growing moss here!

We're hoping the next campground is just that; a campground. We're not fond of "travel parks" which are basically mobile home parks that allow RVs to stay in lots stuck between permanently installed park model trailers. People are more settled in travel parks, more used to their set routines, more of a neighborhood or community. Denny and I prefer the foot-loose and fancy free mentality of campgrounds, where people are on the move and still interested in seeing what's out there around the next curve in the road. We're just not ready to "sit" yet.

This immature little blue heron was fishing in a marshy area of the Links Golf Club in Hudson this week. He will turn a lovely dark slate blue when he matures into a little blue heron (as opposed to a great blue heron).

This home sat back off Gulf Blvd in the area of Indian Beach. The exterior was painted in a faux copper verdigris finish with copper trim on the walls and railings. Denny and I think someone sanded down the bark of the twin palms standing on either side of the steps--note how smooth the trunks and bases of the palm leaf area are compared to the trees nearer the street.

A parasail surfer preparing his sail and gear prior to entering the water. These guys are amazing to watch.

Denny and I with his cousins Wanda and Warren and Warren's wife, Pat. We spent the day eating, drinking and watching the waters of St. Pete's beach from ten stories up. Now that's living!

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Coll said...

Wonderful pictures. I had never heard of parasail surfing. The flip in the video was quite something.

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