Monday, February 04, 2008

Stranger in the Night

I was awakened this morning by an oddly rhythmic sound. After shaking some of the sleep from my brain I peered out the window to see someone walking down our street carrying something circular behind their back, which looked disturbingly like the new folding table we bought yesterday. Naturally without my glasses I couldn't see the person clearly, only that he was holding something behind his back in a strange, awkward manner and that the rhythmic sound was him scuffing his feet as he walked. What was unusual was that he was heading deeper into the RV park.

After checking our patio to find the table still leaning against the side of the rig,I called security to report the suspicious activity, only to get voicemail. Well, what can you do?

Denny's cousin Ken had all the beer taken from their outdoor refrigerator last week, along with some onions that were in an outside hanging basket. Ken figured it was kids from the neighborhood, but Denny and I knew kids wouldn't take onions, so it was probably someone within the park here. Having things stolen really is rare in public campgrounds--I can probably count on one hand hearing of thievery in our 15 years of RVing. Normally, people in campgrounds look out for each other and are given warning if there has been a problem of thieves in the area so they can lock up or put away anything of value. Usually, you don't even have to do that--traveling by RV has been a very safe lifestyle for us. But every once in a while, things happen to remind you to be a little cautious and a little careful. Lesson learned.

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