Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lazy Sunday in Florida

The past two weeks have been unusual for us; we've spent a lot of time being "social". Not that we're normally anti-social, it's just that you won't find large gatherings of folks on our patio most of the time. But down here in Florida there seems to be a large number of relatives and friends this year and we're taking full advantage of it. Which means we're not getting out and about taking pictures and sightseeing (unless you count the miles of strip malls and shops here). So this week's Lazy Sunday pictures aren't all of scenery, just things we saw.

I believe the huge field filled with tee pees and tents may have been a Native American pow-wow, but there were no signs along US 17 to indicate the reason for so many of these structures sitting there.

Seeing these birds of paradise growing naturally in these trees made me wonder why the ones that come from florist shops are so vibrantly colored. Perhaps the intense Florida sunshine has bleached these out.

No, not the Village People, but a bunch of comedians. This group of construction workers watched as Wanda, Bonnie and I tried to wend our way through a bunch of warning tape to get to the beach, only to arrive at an entrance way that was all taped off. Could they have warned us? Yes. Did they? No. But they did get a good laugh at us trying to bend down low enough to get under it. Goofballs. Glad we made their day. Denny and Ken, of course, found an alternate, unblocked way to get to the beach. Men. Sigh.

This is "Casablanca" according to a sign on the street side of the house. If someone offered to give me this place, I'd certainly take it. It actually houses three condo units.

It was threatening to rain while we were at St. Pete's beach, but held off. This view is why two bedroom condos run $650,000 here.

The "rides" of the Red Hat Ladies at our campground. 'nuff said.

Had to finish with a sunset. I have to admit, I was disappointed in the sunset at St. Pete's, but you can't have everything and we had just had a fabulous day with relatives. Notice how calm the Gulf of Mexico is at sunset.

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