Sunday, January 29, 2006

House hunting

Before you get excited, no, we're not giving up our traveling lifestyle.

Periodically we check out area homes to see the quality of construction and how much house we could get for "x" amount of dollars because we figure that someday we'll tire of the RVing lifestyle and want to settle into a "real" house again.

So this week we checked out the Estrella development. Nice homes, nice sized lots, but they cost more than they're worth and for some reason Yuma just doesn't appeal to us as a place to settle permanently. Strange, because it's similar in climate to the Phoenix area, is on the river and has mountains but it's just lacking in something. So while it's fine to visit we decided we wouldn't want to live here.

Boy, that was easy. Now there's just a few thousand other towns to check out.


Nancy said...

Keep looking, somewhere there is a town that is waiting for you.

Have fun finding it!


Norman said...


Linda and Denny said...

Norman, I SWEAR we'll get there. We've only spent one night there passing through in a rush to get from Nevada to Virginia in a week to take a job two years ago. But honestly? Sedona, AZ; Gold Canyon, AZ; Sequim, WA; Gulf Shores, AL; Fairfield Glade, TN (so far) Fantasy/Won the lottery? Hawaii

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