Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday in Mesa

Sunday is the one day of the week that we're out the door before 8 a.m. to beat the breakfast crowds and it's a good thing we did today when we chose Cobb's Restaurant, 944 W. Apache Trail, Apache Junction and got a booth easily before the snowbird crowd started pouring in. You know you are going to have an inexpensive meal when you look around to find you're the youngest person in the room at age 54. Snowbirds know where to find the cheap eats! The restaurant is not fancy, but the breakfast was good and the prices very reasonable. Last week's breakfast was at the Feed Bag, 300 S. Phelps, AJ, where we had an excellent breakfast with better ambience for just a little more money.

Instead of heading home after picking up the Sunday paper, we drove out to the Mesa Flea Market on Baseline at Signal Butte. Normally we avoid flea markets when we travel since there's not a lot of extra room in the rig for "stuff", but we've visited this one before and know there's lots of goodies to be found once you look past the ubiquitous tee shirt stands. We'll probably go back again next week as we found a carpet we liked for the rig but we have to measure our actual floor space to see if it will fit. Which is precisely why we avoid flea markets. Sigh.

The rest of the afternoon will be given over to football. For the male half of this duo, anyway, as the female half tends to pick her teams by the colors of their uniforms or how well their pants fit. Heh.

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