Friday, January 27, 2006

Living proof

Angus and Norma lead the water aerobics class here at Yuma Lakes. Every morning, Monday through Friday from 9 to 10, they lead a pool full of men and women through a non-stop hour of movement ranging from stretches to gentle jogging to "sprints" and back again. Okay, big deal, you say. But Norma and Angus are in their mid-eighties and have been married for 64 years and that makes them special. They are living proof of the benefits of the RVing lifestyle if you take advantage of the activities offered at the campgrounds and find ways to keep yourself active. Yes, we are "retired" but retired doesn't mean dead (or lazy).

On a different note, I have a hummingbird feeder that attaches to our window with a suction cup and I carry sunflower seeds for the seed-eating birds as we enjoy birdwatching as a hobby. Since our arrival Monday I've been scattering the sunflower seeds at the rear of the rig which is backed up to a wall surrounding the property. There's a lot of palo verde trees on the other side of the wall so a lot of birds congregate there. While one hummer has been by, I have attracted a verdin which is a tiny little grayish-beige bird with a yellow head and a tiny beak. He sips daintily from the edge of the flower, returning again and again. As I was watching him feed I heard "tap, tap, tap" on the rear window and looked to see who was trying to get our attention. Imagine my surprise to see two purple finches sitting on our ladder on the back of the rig, reaching through the rungs to tap on the window. I had forgotten to put out seed this morning when I went to water aerobics and they were letting me know it! Dumb animals, huh? So I threw them a couple of scoops of seed and they were happy.

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