Monday, January 16, 2006

A Request for Your Assistance

Those of you who have been following my blog have surely noticed that I mention the names of local restaurants where we have eaten a good meal. The reason I do this is that RVers are often in cities or towns that are new to them and have no clue as to where to go for a nice place to eat or one that is reasonably priced, since so many of us are on rather strict budgets. And while most of us cook in our rigs most of the time, we do enjoy an occasional meal out.

I have decided to bite the bullet and actually spend money on my own web site, which I'll admit will take time to create as I am not trained in web site design or HTML. I started my little web page "RV Vagabonds" on Geocities but have worked up to my alloted web space and haven't logged half of our travels, much less been able to put on the information about campgrounds and RV travel tips that I'd like to do. So once I get signed up with an official domain name and service and get the site up and running I intend to create a page with the names and locations of good restaurants in the areas that we've traveled. What I would like to do, would be to add the personal recommendations of any of you lurkers and commenters spread around the country which would greatly add to my database of nice places to eat. I'm not referring to chains like Red Lobster or Olive Garden but instead those little gems that only the locals know about that serve great food at reasonable prices or even those special places that may be a little more pricey but create a nice night out.

Full credit for the information will be given to you along with a link back to your blog/site. Whaddaya think? You can send the information to me at vagabrauns at hotmail dot com (you know the drill for translating this as spam prevention).

1 comment:

Norman said...

Buffalo Grass in Panhandle, TX (podunk town of about 1,500 people). Buffalo Grass actually serves buffalo steaks...


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