Monday, January 30, 2006

A Nice Day Goes South

We were having beautiful day in the neighborhood; I had gone to water aerobics, Denny was putting a coat of wax on the rig, we ran out to pick up some fresh strawberries at a road side stand and discovered a geocache while we were out. After a light lunch we decided to take a nap and that's when the day started going downhill.

My mother called to say the skin cancer biopsy indicated a pretty extensive spread of the basal cell carcinoma so she's scheduled for a Mohs procedure in March. The dermotologists there are good, so they're booked pretty far in advance. Having gone through the same procedure myself, I know she'll be okay and I will arrange a network of friends and family to check up on her.

Next we get an e-mail from the wife of Denny's best friend who said he was having bad dizzy spells, which is scary because he's had a tumor pressing on his spinal cord removed twice and has had several balloon angioplasties. The doctors think it may just be an inner ear infection. We'll hope for that.

Then a few minutes after that the phone rings again and it's the wife of a couple we worked for as Workampers; the husband had a heart attack today and probably had several small ones yesterday. He's not even 60 years old yet. But he is stabilized and they'll run tests and decide between stints/open heart/balloon/whatever sometime in the next day or so.

At times we feel guilty being so far from friends and family. We are incredibly grateful for our continuing good health and the ability to live the life we want. We wish everyone could be as lucky.

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