Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yuma's Lettuce Days

This year we arrived the day after the Lettuce Days festival. Last year I missed getting a picture of the world's largest salad, which provided free salad with ranch dressing to the festival attendees. Where do you imagine all the snowbirds were? Heh. I did get a picture of the Lettuce House and a couple of heats of the Lettuce-Box Derby. The Derby was a lot of fun to watch as there were all kinds of race cars created by the kids and their families (this is no where near as "professional" as the nationally known Soapbox Derby) and they were all having a ball.

The arts and crafts portion of the festival was pretty standard; lots of red-hat ladies clothing/jewelry/hats, silver and turquoise jewelry, candles, wooden signs. There was a bandstand with a good country western group playing as we walked by and down a side street we glimpsed a stage with a group of belly-dancers performing so there was a little bit of everything there. The festival doesn't cover a huge area so you can see it all in one afternoon and of course, you can eat your way down the street with all the food vendors that are there.

Denny was still nursing a pinched nerve in his back at the time we attended the festival, so we cut our time there short before he aggravated his back too much. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and the derby was the highlight of the day for us as the crowds were really getting into it.

Judging by the festival's date last year and this year, it appears that it is held on the third weekend of January every year. Free salad, anyone?

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