Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thank Goodness the Sun is Shining

The past two days have been crappy. Denny and I have been standing outside for hours attempting to get our DirecWay internet satellite dish properly aligned to obtain a signal. It seems that DW is currently experimenting with adding VOIP and it is messing up their satellite reception, especially the one we've been assigned. Great. I finally got it close enough to pass on 3 out of 5 tests although I normally go 5 for 5 but I had had enough and was willing to settle for what I could get. I'm online and for the moment that's all that matters.

It's been one of those "when it rains, it pours" weeks. We arrived here in Yuma yesterday only to notice that someone apparently managed to clip the rear end of our fifth wheel as we were towing it through Phoenix, cracking the fiberglass bumper and pulling the screws out that held it to the frame of the rig. How they managed that without us feeling the bump, I don't know, but since we had just washed the rig two days ago and there was no damage and the rig hadn't moved at that point, it had to have happened while we were driving. Gah! Can't claim it on our insurance policy as we have no way of proving it happened in an accident because it could also appear that we backed into something. So this one's going to be an out-of-pocket repair.

Then there's the whole trying-to-get-a-new-insurance-quote-and-they-want-pictures-to-prove-the-truck-is-a-truck -and-not-a-semi thing we're dealing with. They never received the first set of pictures I sent them. I would think that perhaps the insurance company folks were incompetent if it wasn't for the fact that a friend of mine never received a cassette I sent her from the same post office right before we flew back to Ohio. So I'd have to say there's a distinct problem with the local post office branch in Mesa, AZ.

Man, I definitely need some cheese with all this whine.

By the way, the new website is up. It's just in its initial stages, but it's there. See the link in the side column. (Ha! Made ya look!)

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